Wednesday, 23 May 2018


When choosing a brand new wood flooring product, you have to bear many factors in mind. As well as the cost, the appearance and the installation of a sort of floors, you also will need to consider how easy it will be to clean.

To assist you select between laminate and hardwood flooring, here are the basic things you will need to learn about cleaning each floor covering.

Cleaning laminate flooring

Bear in Mind the following:

• Sweep your laminate flooring Daily to keep it clear of dirt and grit
• To wash laminate flooring, avoid having a lot of water since this may damage it
• Damp-wipe the floor with a fully wrung-out flat mop rather than a soaking wet mop
• Just ever use wash, warm water
• Simply use cleaning products especially designed for laminate flooring and your particular type of flooring

Cleaning hardwood Floors

Remember the following:

• Sweep your hardwood floors as often as Possible
• Only wash your floor if it has been sealed with a special water-resistant finish
• When mopping, use as little water as you can
• Unsealed flooring can be washed, but only using a slightly damp mop or cloth
• Avoid polishing your hardwood flooring -- it becomes extremely slippery and may cause a serious accident!

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