Thursday, 27 October 2016

Traffic handling 

Wooden floors are very often in every restaurant, maybe because they are having so much good and welcoming appearance. When we speak about floors with a specific purpose like dancing , and many foot traffic handling - their condition should be prime all the time. It doesn't matter what wood type you have chosen for the flooring, here is important how often there are events , guests, parties and maybe weddings on these floors.

Foot traffic is one of the hard things that floors should be handling, and this is way it is fantastic if you keep their condition prime and the best way to do this is sanding. Sanding will remove the marks from shoes and cocktail drinks and will protect your floors from a future one. Sanding is something that is going to improve the whole interior in your restaurant ! Contact us if you have any questions !

Acton Floor Sanding Company

Monday, 17 October 2016

When you are making a restoration in your home or any specific room, and you have decided to change your furniture or a wallpaper there? You are still not making the difference in the appearance of your room? What do you think about shiny wooden floors? Nothing have the power to change the look of your home interior so fully as sanding process could do this! Our experience have learned us that each detail is important so you could make new memories on a fresh and sparkling floors. Scratches on top of your shabby wooden floor make their outlook messy and unclean, to avoid such a an atmosphere in your room you should try sanding or depend on your floor condition and type some other procedure like polishing, staining or even refinishing. Find our more about our offers and what kind of care your floor is needing with visiting our website here!