Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hardwood home

Do you live in a hardwood house? Hardwood frame has risen in popularity for delivery of new homes in  UK in part to its versatility for offsite manufacture. There are now many offsite wood frame housing manufacturing sites across the UK that have ensured timber frame as a share of new build housing has risen from seven % in 2000 to nearly 28%  today in 2016. Offsite manufacture improves the quality and reliability of housing delivered .

Thursday, 2 June 2016

 Cherry is grown in the Eastern half of the U.S.. It is sometimes called fruitwood. The term fruitwood
is also used to describe a light brown finish on other woods. A moderately hard, strong, closed grain, light to red-brown wood, cherry resists warping and checking. It is easy to carve and polish. Cherry veneers and solids are used in a variety of styles. Cherry has been called New England mahogany and is often used to craft 18th century, Colonial and French Provincial designs.